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of jessica gawli. a memorial was held in san antonio, texas, where she grew up. her brother talked about how her dreams would live on. >> i just want to leave you with two things. if this coward could have done this with this much hate, imagine what we can do with this much love f you're putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> her brother went on to say that the family has started a scholarship to help others fulfill the goals that his sister was denied. there were services for two other victims as well today. >>> albanian weight lifter was expeled from the games, testing positive for a banned troid earlier this week and a back-up sample confirmed that result. albania dropped him from the team over doping suspicions. mark adams hopes there will not be more offenders but say if athletes are doping, they will be caught. >>> gold medalist from 1956 will soon be leaving from london as we look at a live picture of the city at age 98, the world's oldest living olympic gold medalist. he lives right here in the bay area.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1